today was an extra special day at square inch community church. it was hannah’s profession of faith, and we had a lot of visitors who came to support her. CONGRATULATIONS HANNAH!  the love feast included some of hannah’s favorite soups, including creamy zucchini and taco. when i asked hannah about the taco soup she said “it’s like a taco but without the shell, and it’s vegetarian so it’s even better!”. marie made gluten free bread again for the communion and there was some left over for soup or with sunbutter and jam. i am not gluten free but marie’s bread is so delicious i would happily eat it everyday if i could. it is great to be at a church where every person can eat the same bread at communion and it is something special. someone brought vegan chocolate chip cookies for dessert and they were delicious! i hope they show up at the bake sale.


One thought on “HANNAH, WE LOVE YOU

  1. Great pictures Erika! It was such a great day…and it was so cool to have all those visitors see that our meals are wonderful and delicious even though the idea of only eating vegan at church can be challenging to some.

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