thursday evening, some of us gathered for a seder at steve and tara’s house. our time together was vibrant, and it felt like family observing tradition, while experiencing the wonder of connecting past to present by means of the eternal. congratulations to hannah, the 2011 afikoman champion! the jewish vegetarian foods were delicious. for future passover celebrations we should find recipes that do not contain nuts. unfortunately, due to some oversight, the dishes ended up rather nut heavy. this is something we should consider for all of our church meals. we have a few people in the community with nut allergies, and it is important not to exclude them.

EASTER SUNDAY is coming up in a couple of days. we have decided for this love feast we are going to do a potluck instead of the usual soup and breads. so far, pastor steve is making a brussel sprout and chick pea dish, adam is making mac’n'”cheese”, and marie is making a savory dish and a dessert. i will post a few new recipes in the “potluck” folder for inspiration. otherwise, some simple roasted veggies would be a nice thing to bring. some kind of salad might be a good addition as well. you can leave a comment if you plan to bring anything. excited to feast together again soon!

the seder dinner plate photo was borrowed from aric’s blog. thank you!


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