thank you to all who helped organize, bake and spread the word about our recent bake sale. it was a success! we raised fifty dollars for hannah’s club, and we still have ingredients to use for our next day of baking. we would like to try and get a booth at a street fair, block party or something of the sort, so if you hear of a good opportunity let us know.

a couple things to take note of regarding the love feast. since we are trying to stay cool in this summer heat, you are welcome to bring a salad or chilled soup instead of the usual hot soup. the gazpacho-borscht stephanie and nate brought last sunday was delicious. i will be adding salad recipes to the feeding the parish page, so keep checking back for ideas. if you have a salad or cold soup you love and would like to share, email kotoamade(at)gmail(dot)com.

the last thing on my mind today is the birthday celebration for the kids. we had a fun time celebrating hannah in december and want to continue to do that for all of our children. one recent birthday was sadly missed, and we do not want it to happen again. please email me, kotoamade(at)gmail(dot)com, with your child’s name and date of birth and we’ll make sure to celebrate them. thanks!

have a happy weekend!




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